BerryCare is a Polish company founded out of passion for sport and outdoor activities. We produce the highest quality natural cosmetics with a mineral UV filter, providing the best protection and care for your skin. Frost, wind, snow, salt water or the scorching sun – our protective cosmetics will meet any challenge. We invite you to our sunny world of outdoor adventures! Read more about BerryCare.


Why BerryCare?

Our products were born out of passion and we put a lot of work and heart into them. BerryCare cosmetics provide not only effective protection, but also excellent care. All this thanks to the use of the highest quality organic ingredients and a high concentration of active substances. A mineral filter is responsible for protecting your skin against UV radiation. You will not find palm oil, phthalates, petroleum derivatives, parabens or any other preservatives in our creams and lipsticks. Our products are not and never will be tested on animals. Spending time outdoors we observe the progressive destruction of the environment and we care very deeply about its protection. We use recyclable packaging, but we want to switch from plastic to more nature-friendly materials in the future. It is not easy for a small company like ours, however we make every effort to implement these plans as soon as possible.

Buying, shipping and cooperation

Right now you can’t buy our products abroad directly through our online store but if you’re interested in purchasing them just contact as at: info@berrycare.pl. We will find the best and least expensive way of shipping it to your country.

We also sell our products in many surfshops and windsurfing/kite/ski schools all over the world. Please contact us if you’d like to distribute or sell BerryCare cosmetics.

If you think you have some good ideas for any kind of cooperation or you got what it takes to be our ambassador, just let us know!

Our products


The base of our protective creams is mineral UV filter. We use zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Those two combined provide great protection from both types of UV radiation – UVA and UVB. 97% of ingredients are organic, like raspberry seed oil, sweet almond oil or shea butter. BerryCare cosmetics contain big amount of vitamin E. And what is also important, all of them smell great.

SurfBerry SPF 30

Naturalny krem przeciwsłoneczny SurfBerry by BerryCare

SurfBerry Sun Cream is a must have for every water sports, outdoor and sunbathing enthusiast. Great for face and whole body, it not only protects but also take care of your skin, nourishing, soothing and moisturizing it. We made sure it’s also highly water resistant, so it stays longer on your skin during water activities.

SkiBerry SPF 30

Naturalny krem zimowy SkiBerry

In opposite to SurfBerry and MountainBerry, this one doesn’t contain any water. It’s packed with oils, which combined with mineral filter create layer of ultra protection against wind, frost and sun. Perfect for all winter sports.

MountainBerry SPF 30

MountainBerry by BerryCare

Our all-year universal protective sun cream. Created using the same high quality ingredients and mineral UV filter as all our products. MountainBerry is a perfect choice for hiking, climbing, cycling and all other outdoor activities.

Sun Sticks

Colorful sun sticks are our bestseller. BerryCare Mineral Sun Sticks SPF 50+ provide very efficient protection against UVA and UVB radiation.

Contained plant oils and vitamin E nourish and moisturize your skin. Our Sun Sticks are highly water resistant – mineral filter stays on your skin for a long time creating strong barrier. It’s very handy, easy to use and kids love them. Currently they are available in 6 color versions: Berry, Blue, Lilac, Mint, Blue&Berry and Invisible.

Lip Balms

We don’t have to say how fragile and delicate lips are. Especially if you spend a lot of time outdoors, skiing or surfing. Salt water, wind, strong sunlight and frost are a challenge for the skin on our lips. Fortunately BerryCare Lip Balms effectively protect the lips against drying and cracking. They also moisturize and smooth them and accelerate the regeneration. All of our lip balms contain mineral UV filter with SPF 25. Same as with creams they have 3 versions: SurfBerry, MountainBerry and SkiBerry.

BerryCare Lip Balms
BerryCare Lip Balms